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At Toll Wohnen Barcelona we want your experience to be "TOLL" (German for "excellent").

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"For years I have been thinking about buying a flat in my favorite European metropolis, Barcelona. Why didn't I do it anyway? The usual concerns: too complicated, possible risks, language obstacles, etc. Then I met Alexander Holder, who took all these worries away from me and supported me from A to Z in the purchase of my flat. Not only has he found the apartment of my dreams, but his services also go far beyond what can be expected from a real estate consultant: he simply takes care of everything and his service does not end with the signed contract of sale, but only when everything is really done. Now I am very happy to have taken the plunge and can highly recommend Alexander Holder."


Perfect handling from the start

We bought an apartment from Alex ourselves and lived closely a total of 4 purchases and 2 rentals, in addition to the organization of a reform in a house: Everything was always perfectly organized, everything always worked to the maximum satisfaction.In addition, Alex is very friendly and always available, He has also helped us in the procedures and registrations or visits to the authorities. You really get a complete package with them. We have never had such good experiences in Austria, the company "Toll Wohnen Barcelona" deserves the name for good reason!


Toll Wohnen Barcelona offers an outstanding german (English) language service for home and apartment acquisitions in and around Barcelona. Alex has not only been active and experienced in this market for years, he is also exceptionally reliable, hardworking and solution-oriented. In the meantime, he has been able to find different objects in Barcelona and the surrounding area not only for us but for a whole series of friends and acquaintances and brought them to a successful conclusion. Absolute recommendation from our side!